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October 11, 2012


Laurie Chavez

Love fruit cake.

Mary Rhodes

YUK....I've always been afraid to try fruit cake.....Always looks interesting....smells interesting....just never had the nerve to try a bite :o)


Love, love a good dark fruitcake. I have a VERY old recipe - probably more than 100 years old. The recipe belonged to my mother's friend's mother and my mother died earlier this year at 94 (so that gives you some idea). This friend never shared her recipes, but when my brother was in the service in the early 70's my mother asked for the recipe to make it for him while he was away and she got it. I have made it several times and I am happy to say it freezes beautifully. In fact, my brother and sister visited me a few weeks ago and I pulled one out of the freezer and we all enjoyed it. First thing my brother did was pick it up and "weigh" it in his hands and say "yup, feels about right!"

Lani Pedersen

Oh how I love a good fruitcake! I don't have a good story, but would so love to win one! When my brother lived in TX, we would swing through Corsicana,TX on the way there or back to taste the samples at Collins Street Bakery and pick our favorite. I grew up eating fruitcakes made by grandmothers and great aunts. Some were horrid and some were to die for. Always avoid the perplexing green cherries!! :-) The best were made by my great aunts in Miami who had date trees and all kinds of fruit trees, and joked about tripping when they added the rum......every year!

Amber Walker

I wish I had a great story about fruit cake, but I have never had one either. I always thought they were some weird jello like things that had the same shelf life as a twinky. I guess I have never been interested enough to even look at a recipe to see what is in it. I'm glad you posted this and I can't wait to try one.

tina young

I havent had a Real fruit cake since my grandmother past away in 1990 she used the old timers recipe and i oved hers but no matter how hard i have tried i have never been able to make one.....i would love to have one of Marys fruit cakes.


I have never in my life tried fruit cake. :)

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