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September 28, 2012



Thanks for sharing this. I got an email a few weeks ago that was bizarre and received the same email you did today! I knew it was spam but wasn't sure what they were trying to get. Makes total sense.

Marys Cakes

Well, thats a new one. So glad you were not taken. Wonder how the rest of this scam goes.

T-Shirt guys

We got a very similar email but the request to us was for T-Shirts that they wanted screen printed with "Happy Birthday Betty, 8 Years Old"
We get variations of these fake emails weekly and these always have grammar & spelling mistakes. Yours said she was in the hospital, mine today said she was hearing impaired so that's why it was an email and not a phone call to us. If too good to be true.....


Here is an email I just got. I have a screen printing and embroidery business. Red flags started popping up the second I started reading.

This is MRS white ,i will like to know if you do contract screen printing on
shirts and i would like to know the pricing for it per shirt and I will be
supplying 1250 white t-shirts that i would like to do printing on it also I want the printing done in the front of the shirts and need
only 2 colors red and black prints,what i want you to print on the t shirt is happy birthday betty
white and you will write betty is 8years on the back of the t shirt so
can u handle the printing for me get back to me with the total cost now also our full address,contact name and
cell phone number so i can forward it to the shipper that will bring the t shirt for the printing

Marys Cakes

Chris, so glad you were not taken. We have gotten so many of these requests over the years that I dont even publish them all. Ill share something that the police told me the first time it happened to us, something weve all heard before... If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. They prey on greed and spend hours and days looking for victims. It must work some of the time or they would not keep doing it. Best of luck at your coffee shop!

Chris Pace

We had this same thing happen at The Coffee Shop in Gilbert AZ. Here's the original email that came through our website:

mrs whitye
Comments or questions
Hello Good day.i have a party and so do you have cupcakes also do you accept credit card so if you have cupcakes in chocolate flavor buttercream icing i will be needing this information How much will 500 cupcakes regular size rose design will cost me ...... your address for the private carrier coming for the pickup ............. and actually, i don't have access to website because am not really good on computers i only bought the computer to for sending out mails and receiving mails only so i will be waiting for the reply. so get to me with the following information below...... Pickup Address: Total cost for the order: Personal cell #: Best Regards, Thanks cupcakes

I went back and forth trying to pry info...it felt "off", finally I set some very outlandish requests that a normal person would balk at, and they were ok . Then this:

The total cost is okay with me and i have forward your address to the carrier since they don't allow outside catering companies to come inside the venue , i will want you to make all set in place but i will need a favor from and this is a favor i need from you.The favor i want you to do for me due to my condition for now am at the hospital right now.. and i will undergo a surgery due to my condition. That is why i want you to assist me with the private carrier fee because i have not pay the carrier That will come and pick all the orders from your shop .Their credit card machine in faulty for now and we are to send money to there head office via western union and they need payment (before they can pick them up from your shop address and other party items from another location) I would like for you to add $950 and $80 for western union charges plus the total price of the order so that you can have all that charged on my credit card now and you will have the $950 sent to the private carrier agent in cash (via western union money Transfer) as it is the fastest and safest way to receive Money from there Head office via western union so they can get payment and they can come and pick them up at your shop .so i will like to know the type of credit card you want to accept as payment and how much you are going to charge on my credit card and i will like to know if you understand what i mean about the private carrier and i will be glad if you can help me with that.

That was the true scam indicator. Done and done! I hadn't heard of the "cake scam", thankfully we did not fall victim.

Marys Cakes

Its ABSOLUTELY a scam. Theyll give you a credit card and ask you to run it for the cupcakes plus shipping. Then theyll ask you to either give cash to the shipper or wire money via Western Union. The credit card will be bogus, but by the time you learn that (and the bank debits your account) you will already be out the money forwarded to the shipper. Sometimes they offer you a cashiers check for more than the sale and ask you to pay other vendors. All bogus. Please beware. If you get a credit card number, also get name, address and phone AND CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD PROCESSOR to verify all with them BEFORE you even process it.


I just received an email from this same person and have been going back and forth with them. Their email communications sound very unusual which is why I decided to google their address. This took me directly to your recent post.
I would love to know what your post is in regards to. Are you implying that this is a scam? I am about to send a contract to this person and have requested a 50% deposit upfront. (standard for me)

Thank you for your time.

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