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August 22, 2012



Tcmetrock: Government had nothing to do with this. This was from a private company which acts on behalf of colleges with copyrights and trademarks.

Marys Cakes

Thanks Sarah, Im doing the best I can under the circumstances. Hope its all over soon so we can get back to work.

Sarah Perdue

Mary, you are handling this situation with your usual class and aplomb. The Tuscaloosa News article was excellent and can only bring you added support.


This is capitalism in action -- CLC is protecting their IP. It's not overreaching government.

twilight jewellery

It is not impossible that somebody will use this first alphabet as part of their marketing strategy. Remember that the copycat looks like the real or sometimes looks better.

Burns Carnes

Please keep making your cookies with a capital block A. Nobody can copyright letters of the alphabet and those of us who love and buy your cookies don't give a rip whether the A has that little tag at the top. I'm so sorry about this!

Marys Cakes

Truly think they have bigger fish to fry.

Michael Metrock

I would love to hear the opinons of the street vendors outside the stadium. If you sell a shirt with an "A" on it..... expect a visit from an over paid lawyer.


Isn't government regulation wonderful?

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