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March 09, 2011


Miami Baking Supplies

Wow, I think you have a great idea in your hands. I've tried to find something like this for my 2 kids here in Miami. I'm glad I found your blog. Thanks!

Chris @ personalised cakes

Great Idea!!...hope there is a place for 3 more kids?

Amy Bigham

If you have any cancellations in session six, I have 2 girls who would like to attend. Thanks!


Do you have a waiting list for the camps in July? My daughter is 8 (almost 9)and while we would love to do the camp next week, we have conflicts for that week. Just trying to see what else is available! What is the cap for a class?

Traci Swann

My daughter Alli attended the camp the last 2 years. She LOVED every minute of it. She is 11 and is interested in attending session 7 but I see it is full. We have a conflict with Session 4. Is there any way we could register her for the 13 and up class? She is a serious "cake maker and decorator" as her only birthday request this year was a kithchen aid mixerand cake decorating tools which she got! Appreciate advice..

erica monroy

My daughter did your summer camp last year and absolutely LOVED it and we are needing to register her again... However when I go to register her for session 1 its confusing because on the site it says ages 7-10 but when u go to select session 1 with the scroll down it says ages 13+ My daughter just turned 8 and REALLY REALLY wants to do your camp and only your camp PLEASE HELP!

Mary Cesar

We've had limited internet access over the past week. I'll be sorting out registrations today so if you DON'T get an email by tomorrow, please let me know. Mary

Laura Smith

Hello! I paid through paypal about 2 weeks ago for the session 2 class and have not received an email asking for my child's info yet. I was wondering if you received the registration. I hope you are all well after the storm and I'm sorry that Tuscaloosa has been through all this devastation.
Laura Smith

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