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January 16, 2011


Merchant Services

What a shame! Using the church's name for scamming? Do these people have any conscience at all? Its nice of you to share it with us. This serves as a warning for people who shall receive an email from this certain rev James.


OMG! thank god for this post!
i received the same email today, the same as Boulevard Creations'!

Boulevard Creations

Wow, unbelievable, what will they come up with next?! Thanks so much for the information :)

Marys Cakes

The reverend wants his designated shipper to pick up the goods, but wants to use a credit card or certified check to pay for the cost of the goods plus shipping. Then he asks you to wire the money to the shipper via Western Union. The credit card or certified check are fake and by the time the transaction is reversed (and money taken out of your account) he already has the shipping money, which, since sent via Western Union, is impossible to recover.

Boulevard Creations

I also received a similar email today, curious what the scam is though as I did not respond to the email?

From: Revjames De varo (revjamesdevaro@yahoo.com)
Sent: January 26, 2011 10:20:40 AM
To: revjamesdevaro@yahoo.com
With regards to your services and products,I am Rev James and would like to place an order for the items listed below. Wedding Towel Cake 50

2 Tier "Wedding" Cake .
3 Tier "Wedding" Cake .
for each Towel cake $70 per Basket.

Kindly advice pricing,availability and what you can offer ?
Looking forward to hear from you.
Best Regard

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