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March 29, 2010


Courtney S. Barr - The Southern Princess

Great post. Personally I think you are wonderfully priced ;o) Of course I also understand that if I request an especially elaborate cake that you would need to charge more due to the work involved. In stating that I know that I am in the minority.

I want quality over quantity when it comes to my baked goods. I can bake a cake, spread some icing on top and it will taste great (promise) but there are days when I want an artist to create a masterpiece, to showcase flavors that I cannot just grab from my pantry, to cut, to shape, to color, to design & to love the cake that I need. I want a person(s) to labor over it with infinite care because not only do they want me the customer pleased, but because they enjoy what they do. THAT is what I am paying for when I need a cake or other baked good professionally done. I am paying for yes, flour & sugar; more than that I am paying for time, for talent & for taste.

Mary - your creations are beautiful & I get rave reviews for anything that comes to my house in your white box, tied with ribbon and oozing of creativity!

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