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October 19, 2009


gate nazi

The weekend was tough for everyone including the "Gate Nazi"!!!!!


Mary, thank you for your tremendous support of Kentuck. We are still talking about the delicious gelato you made for the August Art Night. Between your gelato and the beautiful bowls handmade by Kerry Kennedy, Kentuck realized several hundred dollars in donations. Thank you for that and for your generous support of the Festival. Sadly for everyone involved in the Festival, the weather played a major role in creating tremendous obstacles for set-up and take-down. The Kentuck volunteers did their best to deal with these frustrations and regret that the weekend was a disappointment for you. We all learned some valuable lessons from this year's Festival and look forward to better weather in the future. Lessons have been learned and will help in plans for future Festivals.

Courtney Stallings-Barr

Oh Mary! So sorry it was such a crazy time! If I had not ended up in the hospital for the weekend I had totally planned to see Kentuck this year & especially all your yummies! I am basically up to moving around and normal today so I will come by sometime this week and relieve you of a few of those 'frozen' treats ;o) At leastyou can mark it off your "been there done that" list.

Marys Cakes

You are so sweet!! Thanks for the support.

Al fellow "johnny-come-lately"

heidi and lulu

MAN that's a lot of stuff to cart!!! We'll be down tomorrow to gather some goods to help you recoup a tiny bit. Froze my buttocks on Sat tye dyeing with the little people.

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