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October 25, 2008



Our DJ saw our cake lady trying to repair holes in our dropped cake and they denied it and wed not even give us a dime back even after we showed her pictures;( The wholes were fist size, I might add and the cake was crooked!!
As far as ur cake...lesson learned...pull up the website & show the pictures at the consultations from now on. Easy fix;) Offer a small compensation (free cake for anniversary?) Customer is always right and a happy customer is a repeat customer:-D


It may be difficult to hear feedback, but that's exactly what you should try to get every time, just to be certain that everyone believes your cakes are as good as you know they are. In this case, it really just sounds like a misunderstanding. And it may just be the MOB like Elizabeth suggests. Keep doing great work!


Hi! Wow do I understand what you are going through! I just did a cake about a month ago for a bride. It turned out beautiful, exactly like the sketch we did together and I was so thrilled with it. The sugar flowers on top were some of my most perfect ever. The sugar "broach" decorating the dress like layers was so pretty. I was tickled pink! Then the mother of the bride called me a day or two later. She basically said, we hated it. It was nothing like it was supposed to be. We hated the taste (the exact same cake they tasted in their cake tasting and oohed and ahhed over). It was horrible and no one liked it (she said) and we told everyone it was your work. I WAS HEART BROKEN! I felt like quitting the business. I need people to LOVE their once in a life time cake that they paid for. I didn't know what to do. I of course tasted some of the left over cake (tasted heavenly - so couldn't have been that). I sent the bride this forlorn email saying - I don't understand what you didn't like, it was just like the sketch we did together, etc. She wrote back the next day (probably on her honeymoon!) I'm so sorry for what my mom said. We loved our cake. It was perfect for me - just what I ordered. My mom's sister didn't like it and chirped in my mom's ear about it all day long. I'm so sorry my mom upset you, thank you for our wonderful cake, etc. WHAT A RELIEF! Here's a link to the cake on my flikr photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/30559561@N07/2913005938/
Hope you can recover from your frustration. Wish these things never happened! But, they do - oh well! God bless you in your business!

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