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August 24, 2008


Mrs. Lang

Hi there! It seems that scam has evolved a little bit. Basically the same information, but now it's a woman sending the requests. Major red flag for me was that I'm a very small home bakery just starting out. This woman said she's dreaming of one of my cakes after tasting it somewhere else. And that she'd rather have no cake at all than order from somewhere else. (really? didn't think MY cakes were THAT good!)
Then the same info about the shipper and credit cards.
I've emailed back asking where and when she's tasted my cakes, just to see if I can catch her.
I'm glad I found this posting to know the truth about this! I've passed it along to all my baker friends too!

Amber Standish

My boyfriend's bakery received the same email...if you get it fill out a form at IC3 http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx. The more complaints the more likely they are to take care of the issue...


I have a bakery in Dothan, and we got the same email... different name, but same cake picture. just found you while searching wedding cake scams! I told him I was forwarding his email to the police...

John Dobson

I run a cake shop in Brisbane Australia.
Someone who matches your description has just emailed me with exactly the same cake picture.
I'll copy everything to the police and let them do whatever they do.
Many thanks for this info!!!!


I just had the same thing happen to me. Although I did not get a phone call, I just received an e-mail from a MAN named "Jeff Gilbert." Thank goodness i have a good "detective" friend who analyzed the e-mail and said "This is Bull Shit!!" Don't get scammed out of your money! We had a good laugh at the broken English and the requests! I received the exact same picture. I really hope that no one else falls for this. I'm sorry to hear that you almost got scammed out of your money! Hopefully someone catches this man!


Red Ribbon Bakery

Don't worry God knows that person,You need to take care next time.



I filed a complaint at: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx


I just received the exact same "relay" phone call and email with the same picture and the same broken english. I assumed it was some sort of scam, but thanks for the heads-up!

Naomi Wallace

I just had this happen to me this weekend. I received an e-mail (with no puncutation by the way) that was essentially in broken English. They wanted a wedding cake for 250 people two weeks from now. Just the way it red sent up red flags. I was polite and sent a reply with some questions. They sent back a LONG e-mail with lots of changes to the design as well as a different name for the bride now. Oh yeah, and they wanted to forward the shipping money to me to give to the truck driver. HUH??? Then, I found this article along with others. This is the response I will be sending them.
Sylvia and/or Kristin –

I do not directly accept credit cards, but you are welcome to send the payment via Paypal. I also would rather you deal with the shipper directly. I’m sure they probably take credit cards over the phone.

You’ll understand that I will only accept Paypal payments to protect myself against poorly planned scams that are very similar to your request.

For Example:

Let me know if you still want to proceed.


J Lew

I just recieved this very scam attempt today (Sept. 14th). Too many red flags for me.
1) Men never order there wedding cake, the bride would
2) Who types ot talks so broken? (has to be a foreigner)
3) He gave way too many detailed instructions, I don't have time for that?
4) He wanted me to give money to the shipper, no sir, that's not my problem. He should give the money to him.
5) He couldn't give me the name of the party he tried my cake at
6) Why can't he order his cake from Canada, I know I am not the best cake baker in the world. (well...maybe:)
7) He wanted to give me extra money for my time, nobody I know wants to pay extar on top of the $900 or so they alreay have to dish out for the cake
8) I told him no, twice and he kept bugging me tellling me that he talked to his fiance and they changed there wedding date to the following month. Who does that? The invitations should be sent out way ahead of time for 300 people. That's alot of people to call to reschedule.

I could keep going, point is...beware!

Lastly, everybody wants to try samples before they buy an expensive wedding cake, but not him? Red flag!

Don't be fooled people!

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